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Product Designer, Software Developer,
Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Lulu Tang

I am a Product Designer at Duo Security, living in San Francisco.

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Art & Design. I create in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I build with C++, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Duo Security

June 2015 - Present | San Mateo, CA & Ann Arbor, MI

I am building Duo Security’s Product Design team and helping the company create a better user experience as well as a more beautiful product. My responsibilities include user research, iterating on app designs, mapping out user workflows, mocking up and prototyping solutions, and communicating with the Engineering team to make the product a success.

Epic Systems

Summer 2014 | Verona, WI

I worked in a small sub-team of the ICU team at Epic developing a new activity in their software, Hyperspace, to visualize bilirubin levels in infants and help clinicians make decisions based on their lab results. I created the activity from scratch to work in addition to their existing code base using C#, JavaScript, and ASP.Net. I led project management, created design documents and mockups, spoke with experienced professionals on the topic of hyperbilirubinemia, and conducted presentations to report the information to my colleagues and mentors.


2012 - 2015 | Cambridge, MA & Ann Arbor, MI

I worked as Fetchnotes' Graphic Designer where I developed and created logos, mascots, branding, merchandise, promotional graphics, and webcomics. My other responsibilities included designing layouts for the Fetchnotes mobile apps, web app, and desktop app as well as marketing through our blog, Facebook group, and Twitter.


I do many paid side projects consisting of, but not limited to, logo design, illustration, branding, color theory, animation, and information visualization such as webcomics and infographics. Examples of my work can be found in the gallery.